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5 Tips on How to Choose the Right 3PL Company for your Business

Hiring a third-party logistics provider can benefit your business in a lot of ways. You will not only get to increase efficiency and save on costs but also enhance customer service, which are all indispensable benefits for any business. However, you need to choose the right third-party logistics company to realize actual value. Otherwise, you risk facing a logistical nightmare and potentially ruining the reputation and success of your company.

Here are 5 top tips for selecting a 3PL Company.

Services offered

The more services your logistics partner can provide you, the better as it will save you from the hustle of dealing with different 3PL companies. Legacy Logistics USA offers a various of service, such as, cross-border, LTL and FTL, final-mile delivery, refrigerated, white-glove, and more. Look at the services that are important to you and consider whether the company you are choosing is positioned to handle them.

Flexibility and customization

If there’s one thing all business owners can agree on is that the nature of doing business today is dynamic. This is why you need a 3PL that can quickly meet the changing demands of your business. They should also be able to offer customized solutions that are compatible with your supply chain. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to any business venture.


The primary reason you are probably in need of a 3PL provider is to make savings on shipping costs. Hence, look at the pricing model of the company you are considering and ensure that it offers you value for money.

IT capabilities

In today’s digital age, technology is key to streamlining processes and improving business efficiency. For this reason, you want a company that utilizes updated technology such as real-time tracking, a cohesive communication system, advanced load tracking, and more. If you were to implement such systems yourself, you would realize that the costs involved are immense. A great 3PL company will have them and even help you integrate them with your system.

Safety record

You will be entrusting your goods to someone else, so you need to know that they will be well taken care of. The 3PL company you choose should demonstrate an incredible commitment to maintaining safety regulations and security. Check whether they have the right set of security and safety certifications such as PCI, DEA, & FDA registrations.

The bottom line is, don’t just settle for any third-party logistics company. Ask yourself whether they have your best interests at heart and, therefore, will partnering with them actually benefit your company.

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