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Shipping Your Needs Cross-Border with Legacy Logistics USA

Globalization has transformed global value chains bringing on a new era of cross-border trading. So, for businesses looking to explore new opportunities, shipping your product overseas is a great way of achieving that. Consider this. According to the U.S Chamber of Commerce, 95% of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S., represent 80% of its purchasing power and 92% of its economic growth. With these statistics, it’s easy to see why cross-border shipping could be the best move you ever made. However, cross-border shipping doesn’t come without its hurdles. There’s a lot you need to know, from international shipping regulations to custom policies. To help you navigate these rocky waters, here are 3 key issues you should consider.

Documentation is everything.

You’ve probably heard stories of businesses that had their goods confiscated at the border. This is not a position you want to find yourself in, and luckily you can easily avoid it by having the right documentation. Your target company needs to know exactly what you are shipping and where it came from, and your papers will tell them just that. Some of the documents you may need include a Bill of Landing, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, and more.

Custom compliance requirements.

Every country has a list of things that can and can’t be shipped into their country. Therefore, you need to understand the custom compliance of the country you are targeting for smoother cross-border shipping. Otherwise, you risk facing unavoidable delays, unsatisfied customs, and additional operational costs.

Consider hiring a 3PL fulfillment partner.

No matter how proficient you are at shipping your own products locally, international shipping is a whole other beast to tackle. Even with the most comprehensive research, rarely will you ever understand the ins and outs of cross-border shipping instantly. That’s why it is always a good idea to outsource the shipping process to a 3PL company that specializes in this niche.

The issues above, while important, don’t reflect half of what international shipping entails. But if you do manage to navigate the challenges smoothly, cross-border shipping offers unfathomed opportunities.

If you need help nailing the cross-order shipping process, Legacy Logistics USA is always ready to help. Legacy Logistics USA knows everything there is to know about international shipping. Contact us today for more information on how we can be of service.

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