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How to Package Your Shipment

Having your products at a risk of being damaged is something no company or customer should have to go through. Packaging is one of the most important process that companies and interact with the shoppers.

To package things the right and correct way helps save money and ensuring you and your buyer of needing a ship replacement. Also helps keep your brand’s image filled with good reviews and even potentially become brand loyalist.

Packaging Material

With so many packaging materials available out to the market. How do you know which one to choose? Legacy Brokering has your back! Here is a list that is the most common used material when packaging your shipment. Keep in mind there are still more types of material that can potentially still be used.

Outer Packaging

  • Polyurethane bag: good for non-fragile items

  • Packaging Tube:

  • Single layered cardboard box: smaller items

  • Double or Triple Layered cardboard box: used for heavier and bigger products

  • Inner Packaging

  • Bubble wrap

  • Tissue paper

  • Crumbled paper

  • Packaging peanuts

  • Styrofoam inserts

Here’s steps to have a good packaging for your shipments

Organizing the items and choosing the correct packaging material that best fits.
  • Using old boxes or reused boxes usually don’t have the strength it needs for the product you are trying to ship, thus giving your shipment a higher risk of damaging your items. Keep in mind your packages can be rub against other parcels and boxes during any part of the delivery journey.

  • To choose the correct package take in consideration the weight, size, and shape, even the value of your product.

Wrap all items separately
  • If you are shipping various items with different shapes, size, etc. wrapping them separately keeps them from moving or bumping into each other during the process. Making sure each of your items are wrapped securely and with enough cushion will ensure your items will get delivered safe from dirt, water, or other conditions.

Fill in empty space, but do not overstuff
  • There should be enough of the filling material you will using that ensure the product not to move around inside the box. When adding filling material such as, foam, pieces of cardboard, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or tissue paper use at least 2 inches (5-6 cm) of it.

Seal Your Package using the right sealing material
  • If your item requires for it be in a box, always make sure to use to appropriate sealing tape that measures approximately 2 inches (5cm) wide. If you are shipping items that are much smaller ensure you have sealed the bag correctly, so it won’t open up during mid-delivery and allowing liquid to enter the package.

Use the H-taping method
  • H-taping is the most safe and reliable form to help keep your package safe during delivery process. Applying sufficient tape in the center, edges, and sides protects your items from opening or allowing anything to get in through-out the journey.

With these practices packaging your shipment will help prevent damage to your products and improve customer service. Happy customers lead to improvement in your customer experience and business.

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