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What is 3PL and what are the benefits during COVID-19?

These past few months during the pandemic, it has been difficult for businesses across the country to adapt to this changing environment. Whether small or large, many businesses are still looking for solutions to stabilize their revenue.

Legacy Logistics USA has been leading the charge in response to COVID-19 for many southern California businesses. One area we have ventured into, 3PL, or Third-Party Logistics. Covid-19 has presented many opportunities in this space, and this seems to be the new Norm.

What exactly is 3PL or Third-Party Logistics?

3PLs offer logistics services to support certain aspects or all aspects of shipping operations. A third-party logistics partner can scale and customize their services to best meet your specific needs. They can provide a single service or even a bundle of services that can extend across multiple aspects of your business. 3PLs create value in ways that enhances operational, financial, and even final-mile delivery customer performance.

The Benefits of 3PL during COVID-19:

Save time and money: 3PLs are specialized in logistics and will have more of an extensive network and will most likely be able to offer greater volume discounts to clients. You can save money through transportation, warehouse space, staff and tracking technology, and other customized solutions.

Focus on Your Business and Competitors

Being able to outsource your logistics needs will give your business the leeway to focus on its core competencies. You can enjoy all the benefits of a logistical expertise without deploying internal resources.

Contributing to Social Distancing

With careful precautions measures still holding in the state of California, third-party logistics can ensure your team is protected from potential exposure by trusting Legacy Logistics USA delivery procedures.

Ready to book your next shipment? Speak to our logistics expert for a tailormade deal that specifically meets your business needs.

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